Our Team

Redd Stewart

The man who started it all. We get all of our inspiration and vision from the most talented musician, songwriter, and performer we have ever know.


He is, and always will be the CEO of Ambridge Music LLC

Billy Rae


Billy is the youngest son of Redd Stewart and the manager of Ambridge Music LLC.


A musician and songwriter like his dad, Billy is in charge of the promotion of Redd's music through new and creative projects designed to keep the music and his dad's legacy alive.

Sharon Stewart

Sharon is Billy's wife and daughter-in-law of Redd. She is acting manager, and is in charge of Redd's Tribute Website and all Social Media Sites owned by Ambridge Music LLC.


Sharon has been promoting Redd's music and legacy on the internet for over 17 years. She is also dedicated to promoting Traditional Country music, so the pioneers of this great music will never be forgotten.

Jennifer McComiskey

Jennifer is the youngest daughter of Billy and Sharon, and the third grand daughter of Redd Stewart.


Jennifer is in charge of Accounting  and keeping the rest of us under control!

Allison English

Allison is the oldest daughter of Billy & Sharon, and the second grand daughter of Redd Stewart.

Allison is the Assistant Manager and helps us to maintain sanity in the office!

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